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Yolo Barre

Helping yolo babes get their Sexy back

...even if gyms aren't your Jam

Who likes Yolo Barre?

As much as I love my Yolo Barre practice and community I will say it’s an acquired taste. Just like not everyone loves dark chocolate and that’s OK. 


So the kind of people that tend to fall in love with Yolo Barre are - music lovers, moms with teenagers, postnatal, retired women, people who don’t like gyms. ex-dancers, cyclists, yogis, pilates lovers, teachers, grad students, eccentric people, people people and those in search of a community outside of the home and/or work. 


If this is you, awesome! If this is not you, no problem. All are always welcome! 

And hey you might just add something to the list and we love that!

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