Yolo Barre

What we are all about 

What is Yolo Barre about….

You leading a happier and healthier life. Yolo Barre will improve your strength, flexibility, mobility and posture while doing this optimal barre routine. 


Our in person sessions are intimate. Yolo Barre instructors are here to guide, encourage, motivate and offer personalized corrections for your safety, ideal alignment and greatest muscle engagement so you get the very best barre workout all in just 45 minutes of your day. 


We recreate that personalized Yolo Barre experience Virtual program with shout outs, verbal corrections, playful commentary and post workout accountability check-ins. 


Yolo Barre is safe at any age. We’ve helped members rehab injuries, assisted women pre and postpartum, helped young athletes enhance their sport and had great success with seniors at the barre. 


The sessions flow to the beat of the music so you can ease into the hard work to get the results you want and have fun. 


All these things are great but what Yolo Barre really comes down to is community, we're a small self made business that started in our home studio as we worked towards opening a brick and mortar location. When you choose us, you're supporting a young Davis family and our dreams for our local community!

What We Want For You...



Feel and Look your Best in your Body


Get Support

Make Friends

Feel the Power of the Group.


Move Freely in your Body Without Pain.

A Word from Our Clients