What we are all about 

Community! Yolo Barre is about keeping you safe. Our formula offers you a full body, no impact, balanced workout in just 45 minutes! 


You will improve your strength, flexibility and posture while doing this optimal barre routine. Yolo Barre is a no impact workout making it safe at any age. 


Our in person sessions are small so stay safe while receiving the  attention you need for your best barre workout. Our virtual sessions maintain that in person experience with personal shout outs, verbal corrections and playful commentary. 


We specialize in rehabbing, postpartum, seniors and taking big movement athletes to the next level. 


The sessions flow to the beat of the music so you can ease into the hard work to get the results you want and have fun. 


Yolo Barre instructors pay attention to form and offer personalized corrections during class for your safety, ideal alignment and greatest muscle engagement.

Our Ethos



Proper posture not only helps you stand taller, but allows you move through the world with ease and grace. 


We work your body from the inside out, sculpting your figure for you to look and feel your best.


With a taller posture and stronger figure, your body will be able to function at optimal level, so you are able to go out and do the things you want to do #yolo!

A Word from Our Clients

I came to Yolo Barre because I was suffering back pain and unable to do my usual physical activities. Brianna is an extremely knowledgeable and supportive teacher, and the workouts have been great for strengthening my core and making me less prone to back pain. I’m a lifetime exerciser who likes to be challenged, and Brianna’s classes have pushed me to become stronger and more fit. I love Yolo Barre!

- Lisa Sperber 

Brianna is a talented instructor who knows how to 'wake up' muscles that have gotten lazy. I love how the bar provides leverage, allowing movements that would otherwise be difficult at best She gives personalized attention, and is a stickler for form, which makes the work even more effective I'm getting more benefits and enjoyment from the barre class and lifestyle tips than I ever thought possible. Highly recommend!

- Carmen DeSimone 

Hip Hip Hooray for Yolo Barre! I'm so happy you've arrived.  This low impact, high energy, 45-minute workout is perfect for this busy working momma.  Yolo Barre checks all the boxes for me: bright and cheery studio space; ample class times; easy scheduling through their app; easy parking and, of course, a kick-your-booty (and arms and core) workout! Not to mention, Brianna, and her amazing team of instructors make you feel like you're one of the family rather than another face in the crowd. Yolo Barre has definitely brought the joy back to personal fitness for me.  Thanks YB!

- Kristen Farrand

Brianna is one of the most caring and knowledgeable barre instructors you will ever meet. Highly recommend expecially if you are new to Fitness. Her small group sessions are not intimidating and you get so much individual attention 

- Laura Alvarado 


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