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  • What is Yolo Barre all about ?
    Community! Yolo Barre is about keeping you safe. Our formula offers you a full body, no impact, balanced workout in just 45 minutes! You will improve your strength, flexibility and posture while doing this optimal barre routine. Yolo Barre is a no impact workout making it safe at any age. Our in person sessions are small so stay safe while receiving the attention you need for your best barre workout. Our virtual sessions maintain that in person experience with personal shout outs, verbal corrections and playful commentary. We specialize in rehabbing, postpartum, seniors and taking big movement athletes to the next level. The sessions flow to the beat of the music so you can ease into the hard work to get the results you want and have fun. Yolo Barre instructors pay attention to form and offer personalized hands on corrections during class for your safety, ideal alignment and greatest muscle engagement.
  • What is barre?
    Yolo Barre is a hybrid no-impact workout program that infuses ballet barre, yoga and pilates. It is a beat based workout meaning your movements will flow to the beat of music making your workout feel more fun. Yolo Barre is endurance training. Each session is seemlessing choreographed giving a fun safe head to toe workout in just 45 minutes!
  • Is Yolo Barre safe while pregnant?
    For most people Yes! In fact Yolo Barre is a fabulous prenatal workout practice to do while pregnant. It helps you stay strong in your ever changing body and get you ready to deliver that baby like a boss! As you grow our highly trained instructors will help you modify as needed to keep you safe as you get stronger. Fun Fact : Brianna not only practiced Barre while pregnant but took class the day before both her deliveries!
  • What about barre postnatal?
    Whether you're 6 weeks, months or years postpartum, Yolo Barre can help you wherever you are in your postnatal journey. At Yolo Barre, we will help you rebuild your core and strengthen your pelvic floor. We can strengthen and stretch your body from every angle to rebalance after all that heavy awkward lifting that early parenthood requires. Best of all, we will hold a safe space for you at Yolo Barre for your Brain, Body, and Soul to get back to yourself, postpartum.
  • What if I have an injury?
    Please let one of our instructors know prior to class if you are recovering from or working through a recent or long-term injury or if you are pregnant. They will do their best to help you modify any exercises. Yolo Barre infuses many exercises you’d do in physical therapy therefore it’s great for recovery, during and post pregnancy. However, it’s always important to consult your doctor before starting a new exercise when working through an injury. Our top priority is ensuring your health and safety!
  • How early should I get there and what should I bring?
    We have most of the equipment you need at the studio! We sanitise our weights, balls and bands between every group, but you're always welcome to bring your own!
  • How often should I practice Yolo Barre?
    Our members see optimal results in their bodies and lives practicing Yolo Barre 3-5 times a week.
  • Can my Kid come with me ?
    Yolo Barre is Family run and a Family Friendly business. The minimum age to take class is 13; they must be signed up. Your child is welcome to hang during your workout but remember they are still your responsibility. Bring an activity, book or device with headphones to watch in the back cubby area during class. Giving them a pep talk to set expectations before class really helps! We want these 45 minutes to be YOUR time. To respect your classmates if your child becomes disruptive please discreetly handle the situation. Thank you - It takes a village


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