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Who is Yolo Barre?

At Yolo Barre we are all family. Our team of instructors bring something different to the table, making Yolo Barre a truly inviting, energetic, and professional atmosphere where we love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Meet the Team

David and Brianna


Yolo Barre was designed especially for the people of Davis. In 2017 Brianna moved her family back to her hometown to bring You - Davis’s first Barre studio. 


Everything from the location with ample parking,  bike path access behind it,  the 45 minute workout formula to give you an efficient quality full body barre workout, to the class times aligning with school drop offs, before work, soccer games and evening events. This studio was designed for you. 


Years of research and experience went into developing these workouts for you. Prior to Yolo Barre Brianna spent a decade teaching for a globally known Barre franchise in the Bay Area. David coached Women’s Junior Olympic Gymnastics for 20+ years before bringing his athletic expertise to you at Yolo Barre. 


With their backgrounds Brianna & David created the optimal Barre program to improve your Posture, Sculpt your Figure and Strengthen your body to get you feeling Sexy and back to the activities that you love.


Just as our members' lives  bloom at the Barre so have Brianna and David’s. These days you’ll find David over at UCD coaching the Women’s Gymnastics team where ironically his area of expertise is bars. 


You’ll see Brianna daily on our virtual program, in the studio or working with our stellar team who you can read more about below. 


Remember this program was developed with you in mind we offer - personalized corrections, adjustments, modifications and challenges to connect your body and mind to usher results .  


“Happier” that’s what our members report after starting Yolo Barre. Sound like something you’d like?



Social Director and Instructor

In 2018 Leanne left everything behind and immigrated to the USA from Ireland for love. Prior to moving to the states Leanne had been on an epic weightloss journey that she documented on IG, where she gained thousands of followers with the same struggle all over the world. She publicly shed over 100 lbs and became a personal trainer in Ireland. So when she says she understands your weight, body image and food struggles it's 110% true. Just like her love story it was fate that led her to Yolo Barre. Leanne is on double duty at Yolo Barre as an Instructor and our Social Director - which our members lovingly dubbed her the "Yolo Paparazzi.

Carolina Portrait.jpg



Carolina was tired of feeling unhealthy and tried various forms of exercise before discovering something that clicked. After becoming a mother she was inspired to do a 200 hour yoga teacher training. She wanted to deepen her mind-body practice and, in turn, help others. Yoga was the stepping stone to Carolina’s career as a fitness professional. A foot injury brought her to Yolo Barre. The rehab work she did at the barre inspired her to do our in-house instructor training program to join the YB team! Her pursuit to deepen her fitness education continues as Carolina aims to help clients strengthen every part of their body so that they can move freely and joyfully.




As a founding member of Yolo Barre Danielle's YB journey has come full circle. Originally she came for the dance inspired workouts but quickly found so much more, support, community, accountability, friendships and motivation - Yolo Barre became her health tribe. When the opportunity arose for Yolo Barre Instructor Training 2 years into her practice she leapt at the opportunity to join the team to inspire others. Every instructor at YB as a superpower and Danielle's is a ray of earthly sunshine. When not a barre Danielle is with her 2 sons or brewing up potions for her skincare line Pearly Everlasting Organic Botanicals which can also be found at Yolo Barre. 

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