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Better than doordash!!

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Better than doordash?

What you eat will make or break your fitness results so if you aren’t happy with the current shape you are in then I’ll bet that your food choices could use some improvement. Case and point: how many of your meals are being delivered in a paper bag to your front door? I realize that finding the time to cook and eat healthy meals is a challenge for many of my clients and so I’d like to introduce you to the Nourish Bowl.

What is a Nourish Bowl? It’s a simple meal that consists of greens, protein, healthy fat, veggies, healthy carbs and various flavor adds. A Nourish Bowl could be enjoyed for any meal of the day, is quick to assemble, and is the perfect alternative to high calorie take-out meals. Build Your Own Nourish Bowl Below are the ingredient categories that make up a successful Nourish Bowl. Select one item from each category to customize your very own meal. Start with Greens: A healthy serving of daily greens is essential for good health, and so our Nourish Bowl always begins here. Your greens may be cooked or raw, whichever you are in the mood for. Choose from: Spinach Kale Collards Arugula Romaine Micro Greens Sprouts Mustard Greens Swiss Chard Add Protein: Protein is important for supporting your fitness progress, in addition to providing you with usable energy to power your day. Be sure to vary the protein that you choose from time to time. Choose from: Egg Beans Lentils Fish Chicken Beef Pork Add Healthy Fat: It’s vital that your diet be rich in healthy fats so don’t skip this category! Healthy fats help to keep you satiated, a benefit that will pay off in fewer calories consumed over the long haul. No more energy crashes in the afternoon! Choose from: Avocado Nuts Seeds Olive oil Olives Add Veggies: Colorful, vibrant, organic, seasonal vegetables become the star of this meal. Take time to chop or dice your fresh veggies into a pleasing size before adding to your bowl. Choose from: Zucchini Bell peppers Cucumber Tomatoes Cauliflower Radish Snap peas Cabbage Carrots Parsnips Any other veggie of your choice Add Healthy Carbohydrates: Wholesome carbohydrates are important for maintaining that pep of energy in your step, so be sure to include a serving of one of the following in your bowl. Choose from: Quinoa Sweet Potato Brown or Wild Rice Beans Corn Peas Finish with Flavor Add-Ons: Here’s where you could really let your creativity shine by adding your favorite fresh herbs or dressings to increase the flavor and enjoy-ability of the bowl. Choose from: Chopped fresh herbs Dried herbs Homemade dressing Homemade sauce Vinegar Hummus Lemon juice I’ve posted an example Nourish Bowl below for you to enjoy and to get your creative juices flowing as you begin to design and enjoy your Nourish Bowls of your own creation. Don’t forget to get your fitness on by exercising 3-5 times each week. Remember that for your workout to be effective it must be challenging, progressive and consistent. If you aren’t yet one of my amazing clients, but you’ve thought about it, reach out to me today. I’d love to hear from you and to get your fitness routine dialed in for maximum results, connect with people and have fun on your health journey together!

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