Better than Netflix??!

Thank you for Voting Yolo Barre "Best Shelter in Place Escape"

My jaw dropped when we saw Yolo Barre in the "Best Shelter in Pace Escape" Runner up to us was Netflix. OUR virtual Yolo Barre program beat out Tiger King?! Crazy town! Thank you for your love, support and sticking with us or joining in the thick of 2020. I'm happy to report that this 2021 Re-opening has been the best re-opening we've experienced since the start of this mess. And the best is yet to come... we have new grands from our Yolo Barre Instructor ​Training program about to hit the scene this spring. As people get vaccinated and kids head back to school we are adding many more session times to our weekly schedule! But don't worry our virtual program has been such a hit it's here to stay! Keep Rocking Friend. Ox, ~Brianna

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getting fit fast Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered: How did I let myself go this far? After more than a year of the global pandemic, many people are finding themselves in worse shape that ever before. The stress eating and lack of exercise of the last year has really caught up. That’s OK! Now is the perfect time to get back into shape, fast. Let’s change your self image thought bubble to: Wow, I’m looking amazing! by reading on and taking the action steps below. Start with Motivation: Why do you want to get fit again? There must be a reason that you desire to change your body at this time in your life. Think about it until you have a very clear, very specific reason. Your why as I call it with my members. There is no wrong answer here. We all have our own personal motivators for wanting to achieve our best selves. What’s ultimately important is that your reason is specific and po