Happy New Year - Are you Ready?

2020 was hard so Yolo Barre is here to help you.

Check out what Danielle has to say about what her Yolo Barre practice did for her last year......

"When talking about a workout program one usually refers to what has been lost-pounds and inches. When I talk about YoloBarre-I talk about all the things I have gained! I have a gained a community and friends. I have gained strength and balance. I have gained confidence and pride in my newfound abilities. The program that Brianna and David deliver at Yolo Barre has saved my sanity during the Covid-times. They have created a platform where I can access my workouts daily, either live-streamed or later when it’s convenient for me! The flexibility of the program is a testament to Brianna’s commitment to guiding us to our most healthy selves. I will forever be grateful to YoloBarre for changing my health for the better.