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Love Your Core Challenge

I made something special just for you!

Since I've gotten so much positive feedback on our Yolo Barre Core Blasts I put together a "Love Your Core" series for your Valentines' Day gift from me to you!

It's 14 days, 9 barre flavored 5-10 minute Core workouts with the addition of some healthy waistline habits. Sound like something you could love?

If yes - members go ahead and download our fit by wix app!

The challenge will go live under "Bonus Programs" on February 1st.

By shaking up your routine you'll be amazed at the positive improvement that you feel and see in your body.

Be your own Valentine this year - do this challenge for yourself.

Again "Love Your Core" starts Feb 1. with it's grande finale on Valentine's Day and you will find in under "Bonus Programs"

Hope you enjoy your gift

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01. Feb. 2022

Thank you, Brianna

Gefällt mir
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